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Animation Production Days 2024: Call for Projects

Animation Production Days 2023, Photo: Reiner Pfisterer

Animation Production Days (APD) is the most important co-production and financing market for animation in Germany. It brings together co-production, financing and distribution partners for animation projects in efficient one-to-one meetings and offers focused debates and lectures on current challenges of the industry with the APD Conference. It is a joint venture of the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) and FMX – Film & Media Exchange, and will take place this year from April 23 to 25, 2024 in Stuttgart.

Call for Projects 2024: The APD is on the lookout for innovative, creative and original animated Feature Films, TV Series, Mobile Content and Games, Cross- and Transmedia projects! The projects should be in the concept or development stage, should have potential for brand development and be open to international co-productions. Prioritized are projects with compelling perspectives on diversity and ecological sustainability. A maximum of 50 projects will be selected for presentation at APD 2024.
Deadline February 6, 2024. Submission | Early Bird rate until January 19

Connecting with the Industry: APD Talent Programme – Young European animators (max. two members) can now seize the opportunity to submit project applications for the APD Talent Programme! Enjoy free access to the full APD programme in Stuttgart, (including tickets for FMX and ITFS). Accommodation costs are covered for the selected eight outstanding young talent projects at APD 2024.
Deadline February 6, 2024. Details on applying

Co-Producer Programme for animation, games, VR, and VFX production companies and studios not presenting their projects at APD but eager to participate as co-producers or service providers (only a limited number of participants).

Investor Programme for broadcasters, streamers, world sales, funders, and investors, who like to explore a curated selection of cutting-edge projects.
Registration | Early Bird rate until January 19

Jobs at Film und Medienfestival gGmbH

ITFS (Photo: Reiner Pfisterer)

The Film- und Medienfestival gGmbH (FMF), based in Stuttgart, organizes the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) and – together with the FMX – Film & Media Exchange – the Animation Production Days (APDs). The three events take place annually at the end of April/beginning of May in Stuttgart. Their common task is the sustainable development and long-term strengthening of the creative region of Stuttgart and the media location of Baden – Württemberg.

Check out their open positions (all m/f/d):

Artistic Managing Director (Künstlerische Leitung mit Geschäftsführungsfunktion) Job Description (German)

Head of Communication (Leitung Kommunikation)Job Description (German)

Employee Program Organization (Mitarbeiter*in Programmorganisation)Job Description (German)

Apply now!

All open positions at FMF

Head of Organization (m/f/d) wanted for Film und Medienfestival gGmbH!

The Film- und Medienfestival gGmbH (FMF) – organizer of the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) and Raumwelten as well as co-organizer of the  Animation Production Days (APDs) – is looking for a Head of Organization (m/f/d) (parental leave replacement (initially for 2 years) in full-time (40 hours per week)) from September 1, 2023!

Tasks include :
Overall control of the organization of the ITFS, taking into account different venues and program points (cinema, open air, tricks for kids, supporting programs, etc.)
Control of service providers, staff and cooperation partners
Budget responsibility and personnel management
Control of the conception and realization of graphic and print products
Coordination of evening events/galas such as opening ceremonies and award ceremonies

Click here for the job description (German)! (PDF)

The AMCRS HEROES @ FMX, ITFS and APDs on Wednesday, April 26, 2023!

APDs Conference (Photo: Reiner Pfisterer)

Find out where to find our HEROES at FMX, ITFS and APDs on Wednesday, April 26!

9:00 CET
ITFS, TREFFPUNKT Rotebühlplatz (vhs), Rotebühlplatz 28, Stuttgart, 70173
Zwergenschau 2
Katze (Julia Ocker, Studio FILM BILDER, Animationsinstitut Alumna)

9:30-19:00 CET
FMX Marketplace
MFG Baden-Württemberg mbH/AMCRS, RnDeep GmbH

9:30-19:00 CET
FMX, Eyth-Saal, Turm A, Turm B
Recruiting Hub
Accenture Song Content Germany GmbH, jangled nerves, Pixomondo, recomFilm, RISE | Visual Effects Studios, Scanline VFX

9:30-19:00 CET
FMX Recruiting Booth vor Haus der Wirtschaft
RISE | Visual Effects Studios

9:30-19:00 CET
FMX School Campus
Animationsinstitut, Hochschule der Medien, Hochschule Offenburg

11:45 CET
FMX Raum Reutlingen
Scanline Recruiting Presentation
Simon Davies, Recruitment Manager, Europe, Scanline VFX

13:45-17:15 CET
APDs L-Bank Rotunde (available as VoD to all APD accredited participants)
APD Conference: “New Voices – New Stories”
Prof Lilian Klages. Eagle Eye Filmproduktion

13:45-14:00 CET
APDs L-Bank Rotunde (available as VoD to all APD accredited participants)
APDs Conference Welcome
Carl Bergengruen, MFG, Marlene Wagener, Animation Production Days

14:00-15:30 CET
APDs L-Bank Rotunde (available as VoD to all APD accredited participants)
APDs Conference Part 1, Case Study 1 From Film School to Industry with “Ich kenne ein Tier / I know an animal” – A Launchpad for Young Animators
Prof. Andreas Hykade, Head of Animation Directing, Animationsinstitut/Filmakademie

14:30 CET
FMX Turm Aalen & Video on Demand (from April 28)
Access VFX
Kader Bagli, Lead Compositing Artist, RISE | Visual Effects Studios

14:30 CET
FMX Bertha-Benz-Saal & Video on Demand (from April 28)
Evolving Research & Technology for a Minimized Footprint
Prof. Jan Adamczyk, Hochschule der Medien, Professor Susanne Marschall, Professor, University of Tuebingen, Volker Helzle, Head of Research and Development, Animationsinstitut

14:30 CET
FMX Raum Heilbronn, The Autodesk Suite & VIDEO ON DEMAND (from April 28)
No turning back because I deleted the folders – the early adopter USD journey at RISE
Kolja Hübschmann, Oliver Markowski, (RISE I Visual Effects Studios)

15:00 CET
ITFS Gloria 2
Tricks for Kids 1
Trudes Tier – Glückshof (Klaus Morschheuser, Studio Soi), Katze (Julia Ocker, Studio Filmbilder)

16:15 CET
FMX Raum Reutlingen & VIDEO ON DEMAND (from April 28)
Accenture Song Recruiting Presentation
Michael Bergmann, Recruiting Senior Specialist, Gus Martinez, Compositing and VFX Supervisor, Carina Thomiczny, 3D Senior Realtime Artist, Accenture Song Content Germany GmbH

17:00 CET
ITFS Open Air
TV special „The Gruffalo“
Studio Soi

17:30 CET
ITFS Open Air
Best of Animation 1 – Homemade Highlights 1
Films by Tine Kluth, Julia Ocker, Andreas Hykade, Marc Schleiss, Gottfried Mentor, Volker Engel, Johannes Weiland et al., Hochschule der Medien, Studio Filmbilder, Animationsinstitut Alumni, curated by Förderverein ITFS e.V.

17:00 CET
FMX König-Karl-Halle & VIDEO ON DEMAND (from April 28)
Creating Visual Effects for STRANGER THINGS, Season 4
Overall VFX Supervisor and Emmy Award winner Jabbar Raisani, Additional VFX Supervisor Marion Spates, Jan Burda, VFX Supervisor, Accenture Song Content Germany GmbH

17:00 CET
FMX Turm Aalen & Video on Demand (from April 28)
A Calling. From The Desert. To The Sea.
Animationsinstitut Students & Alumni: Lennard Fricke, VFX Producer, Lukas Kapp, Creature TD, Lukas Löffler, Lead Compositor, Mario Bertsch, VFX Supervisor, Till Sander-Titgemeyer, Character Artist

18:00 CET
ITFS Gloria 2
Young Animation 1
Kolaj (Gülce Besen Dilek, Filmakademie)

18:15 CET
FMX Raum Reutlingen
Rise Recruiting Presentation, RISE up your life.
Marian Dobrunz, Head of HR, RISE | Visual Effects Studios

18:30 CET
ITFS L-Bank Rotunde
Trickstar Professional Awards Ceremony
AMCRS (sponsor of German Animation Screenplay Award), MFG (sponsor of Animated Games Award Germany)

19:00 CET
FMX Square in front of Haus der Wirtschaft
WEDNESDAY GET-TOGETHER sponsored by Scanline VFX

21:00 CET
Die Note, Berliner Platz 1, 70174 Stuttgart
AMCRS Animation Media Lounge 2023

FMX (Photo: Dominique Brewing)

The Film- und Medienfestival gGmbH is looking for a Managing Director

ITFS 2022 (photo: Reiner Pfisterer)

The Stuttgart-based Film- und Medienfestival gGmbH (FMF) is the organizer of the International Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film and Raumwelten / Platform for Scenography, Architecture and Media as well as the Animation Production Days, a curated business platform for the European animation industry. The events are aimed at the general public and the international professional audience from all areas of animated film, creatives, producers and users.

The Film- und Medienfestival gGmbH is looking for a MANAGING DIRECTOR, starting on June 1, 2023.

Applicants should have demonstrable skills in the field of animated film and/or artistic and/or commercial management of an international festival. Team applications are welcome. The task of the new Managing Director(s) will be the innovative further development of the FMF and its events under changing artistic, technological, political and economic conditions. The key qualifications for management tasks are required.

The deadline for applications is January 7, 2023.

Click here for the job advertisement (German).