The second season of ANIMANIMALS is on air!


The popular and multiple award-winning animation series ANIMANIMALS was created by Julia Ocker, produced by our HEROES from Studio FILM BILDER, in co-production with SWR and KiKA, and funded by MFG Baden-Württemberg. Until November 30, 2022, one episode can be seen every evening at 18:10 CET on KiKA, afterwards you can find it in the media library.

In each of the 26 new episodes, a different animal faces an absurd adventure that can only happen to them: A piglet, who is cleaning so hard that the whole house is getting a mess. A ladybird, who has a ladybird neighbor, who has too much in common with him. A rhino, who is preparing for a romantic date, but his horn is in the way. A dormouse, who oversleeps his own birthday. And while finding the solution, each animal learns a little lesson about life.

The distributor Meta Media provides information on the international distribution:

Season 2 of the multi award-winning series has already been presold to DR Denmark, NRK Norway, TVO Canada, LTV Latvia and Benshi France. Season 1 has recently been relicensed by Netflix DACH, Disney Japan, Benshi France, SVT Sweden and PTS Taiwan. New sales of Season 1 include Mediacorp Singapore, DR Denmark, LTV Latvia and Daekyo Korea.

Julia Ocker, creator of Animanimals, says: “For me, each production of an Animanimals season is like a typical Animanimals story: Like a typical Animanimal, I stumble and make mistakes. And like an Animanimal, I hope these mistakes are helpful and lead me to a happy ending: That all of you will enjoy the new episodes!

Thomas Meyer-Hermann, producer of Animanimals, says: “For the films of season 1, there were audience awards at festivals in Athens, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Barcelona, Baden, Singapore, Brussels, New York City, Paris, Lisbon and many more. Season 2 will speak to the whole world again, as it is built on the same strong base: Julia Ocker’s unique style, bright conception of life and generous sense of humor.”

Stefan Pfäffle (KiKA) and Benjamin Manns (SWR) say: “From the very beginning when KiKA and SWR came on board for season 1 we strongly felt that this series had the chance of becoming something extraordinary and something extraordinarily funny, looking at some minor challenges of life from a different angle. In the end it turned out that the series became exactly this. So, we are more than happy to be partner again on season 2 and can’t wait to present the new episodes to our audience.“

Sara Cooper
, Founder of Meta Media Entertainment, says “The combination of Julia’s incredible creativity and heartfelt passion for this series combined with Thomas and his team’s production flair continues to result in outstanding work which I’m delighted to be bringing to an ever-growing number of worldwide fans.”

Source: Studio FILM BILDER, Meta Media Entertainment

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