The AMCRS HEROES @ ITFS on Sunday, April 30, 2023!

ITFS Trickstars (Photo: Reiner Pfisterer)

The last day of a week full of events and inspiration, great meetings with old and new friends, an incredible amount of new background knowledge about current developments in art, technology and research, hopefully many new project ideas and collaborations and above all films, games and other media projects and experiences has almost arrived! We hope you’ve made it this far – here come the events our AMCRS HEROES are involved in at the ITFS on Sunday, April 30, 2023. We are keeping our fingers crossed for all nominees for the grand ITFS 2023 award ceremony!

15:00 CET
ITFS Gloria 2
School Presentation: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg & Animationsinstitut

11:30 CET
ITFS Gloria 1
International Competition 5 (Rep.)
Dealing With War (Andreas Hykade, Studio Film Bilder, Animationsinstitut)

13:00 CET
ITFS Cinema
Shattering the Glass Ceiling – Empowering Women in the Animation Industry
Kate Forsdick, M.A.R.K. 13

19:00 CET
ITFS Gloria 1
ITFS 2023 Awards Ceremony
MFG (sponsor of Lotte-Reiniger-Award, Young Animation Award)

ITFS Open Air (Photo: Reiner Pfisterer)


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