“The Most Boring Granny in the Whole World” by Animationsinstitut Alumni won the Tricks for Kids Award at ITFS!

The Tricks for Kids Award at Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2022 goes to „The Most Boring Granny in the Whole World“ – congratulations to Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut alumni Damaris Zielke (director), Jiayan Chen (producer) and all the others involved! The film was chosen by a children’s jury.

Statement of the children’s jury: The film convinced us by explaining the serious topic of death in a humorous way. We could easily understand the granddaughter’s thoughts. Younger children can get an access to the subject matter that way. We think that it is a film suitable for all ages. The animation is so detailed and the perspective of the images so fascinating that we felt as if we had slipped under the covers too. We also noticed a good mood in the audience. The film leaves us thoughtful but not sad with the following idea: If there are no beautiful memories, then we should make some!


Maximilian Schmierer Geschäftsführer
Michael Wünsch Leitung Entwicklung


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